Spouse Visas

The spouse visa allows you to or remain in the UK if you are the partner of a British citizen or a person who is settled here. A partner includes husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partner.

To apply, you must show that:

you and your partner are both aged 18 or over at the date of application;
your partner is not related to you in a way that means you could not marry in UK law;
you and your partner have met in person;
your relationship with your partner is genuine and subsisting;
if you are married or in a civil partnership, your marriage or civil partnership is valid in UK law;
you meet the suitability requirements;
any previous relationship has permanently broken down (this does not apply to certain polygamous relationships);
you and your partner intend to live together permanently in the UK;
you meet the financial requirement;
you meet the English language requirement; and
if you are in the UK and want to extend your leave or apply for settlement in the UK you will need to meet the suitability requirement.

If you meet these requirements, you can find out how to apply from inside and outside the UK. We will go through the steps of eligibility with you in detail, prepare and submit the application with the supporting documents.